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    Monday’s Physical

    Patient: 27 year old mother of two (overweight, though the scale read 10lbs less then it should had)

    Healthy: heart/blood pressure, lungs, brain and other internal organs (upon initial inspection) No immediate concerns.


    1. Sore throat/swollen glands (again!)
    2. Digestive issues- 1st step = blood tests (celiac and food allergies)
    3. Painful varicose veins behind knee joint, removal should be put off to avoiding future complications.
    4. Irregular periods and lower right abdominal pain (discuss with OBGYN ASAP)
    5. Didn’t even address carpal tunnel/wrist pain

    Conclusion: I’m falling apart

    Perk: Renewed xanax rx

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    Superbowl 44 Twitter Recap

    baratunde I think CBS sold too many #superbowl commercials. I can’t keep up! How do I know what to buy!?? #brandbowl

    What I learned from Hyundai’s #superbowl commercial: Hyundais are shiny.

    So this Peyton Manning guy is pretty good at throwing footballs. Good for him!

    Jesus. Peyton Manning is REALLY good at throwing footballs. We should make him a Senator. #superbowl

    Incomplete pass for Peyton Manning??? MY WORLD HAS BEEN SHAKEN. I BELIEVE IN NOTHING. #superbowl #ThereIsNoPeytonManning

    Holy shit. they just tackled Betty White !! I will now buy Snickers. Do they deliver? #superbowl #brandbowl

    TEBOW! wait? that was fast. right wing fundamentalism looks really friendly! #superbowl #brandbowl #WHODAT!!!!!!! oh man, i just cheered for a guy named Bush #superbowl

    WTF is up with Doritos inciting so much violence?? The FDA needs to make it a controlled substance #superbowl #brandbowl

    postsecret You, are one of the 12% who watch the Super Bowl and are online (if you’re watching the Super Bowl).

    alanrsmith What is the cure for the end of the world blues? You guessed it, Budlight!

    baratunde Coca Cola: solution to our financial meltdown and corrupt banksters. #superbowl #brandbowl

    alanrsmith Ok… Where the hell can I get a mouth guard with vampire teeth… Or gold fronts would be cool too.

    RevRunWisdom auto tunes.. :)

    baratunde someone tell bud light auto-tuning is so 2009 #superbowl #brandbowl

    alanrsmith Budlight helps you work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, stronger.

    baratunde I had no idea Sketchers was successful enough to finance a #superbowl commercial. #brandbowl #TheMoreYouKnow

    BadAstronomer It’s kinda cute how many of you think I’m watching the Superbowl.

    baratunde but don’t those people know budweiser tastes like ass? #superbowl #brandbowl

    alanrsmith Just relaxing in my underwear, watching the game, drinking Budlight, and eating some doritos. #SuperBowl

    baratunde Dodge Charger: because women ruin everything #superbowl #brandbowl

    alanrsmith I will pee on the seat, I will ignore what you say, I will make fun of your friends because not doing this will not make me drive a cool car

    GreenMommaSmith The Dockers/freepants site has been hacked

    alanrsmith Powerball and MegaMillions… more than a feeling? What feeling is that…disappointment? #SuperBowl

    ladygaga Pinball wizard!!!!

    GreenMommaSmith Big Brother’s very own Jeff and Jordan on The Amazing Race. I love them!

    rainnwilson This half-time show makes me want to watch CSI.

    rainnwilson This half-time show really makes me want to watch CSI.

    JimNorton Watching the Who on the Super Bowl half-time show. Roger Daltrey looks like Gary Busey and sounds like Babe Ruth

    GreenMommaSmith I love The Who and laser shows!! This is my most favorite Superbowl halftime show since Janet’s wardrobe malfunction.

    baratunde I feel like the lasers really carried that halftime show #superbowl #brandbowl

    baratunde By my count there are roughly 313 players in that pile up #superbowl #brandbowl

    GreenMommaSmith The chaotic and violent pile-up with a touch of arguing and whistle-blows is the most amazing thing I’ve seen this entire game!!

    alanrsmith I am not a huge football guy, but I could have called that on side pile up. #SuperBowl

    Aryckah Is lovin tonights football game complete with side comments from @GreenMommaSmith & @AlanRSmith for a change!

    baratunde Dennys: Dear nation, commence riot this Tuesday at 6am #superbowl #brandbowl

    sirmitchell Dennys is giving away free diarhea! #superbowl

    GreenMommaSmith I turned it to the puppy bowl for a minute and was overwhelmed by cuteness! Then I got sad cause we can’t adopt a new dog.

    baratunde oooh didn’t suck! #superbowl #brandbowl

    GreenMommaSmith The Griswold’s are NOT allowed to age! They. Are. Timeless. I can’t handle the liverspots, grey hair and wrinkles!

    alanrsmith Clark Griswold’s doppelganger #SuperBowl

    baratunde i really hope the census didn’t spend my money on that commercial. #superbowl #brandbowl

    baratunde Toyota: we know we done fucked up. #superbowl #brandbowl

    alanrsmith Toyota’s “Moving Forward” takes on new meaning in light of the recent recalls… #brandbowl #SuperBowl

    alanrsmith Some background on how it all came together… Jay, David, and Oprah’s commercial: #SuperBowl #brandbowl

    GreenMommaSmith Bubs loves hearing Arcade Fire’s “wake up” on the NFL commercial she refers to it as the “where the wild things are song”

    baratunde um, that dude caught that ball. #superbowl #justsayin

    I think I just proved that I can referee via Twitter better than refs at the game. #superbowl #YoureWelcomeSaints

    GreenMommaSmith Free Grand slams? Let’s do this!! RT @alanrsmith: I predict a riot come February 9 at Denny’s all across America! #SuperBowl

    baratunde YES AUDI “you picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, plastic boy” #superbowl #brandbowl

    alanrsmith The green police are coming to getcha! #SuperBowl #GreenPolice #brandbowl

    GreenMommaSmith OMG, Green Police? My dream job! I can haz the Audi t3 now?

    alanrsmith Another 2010 prediction… Saints win SuperBowl 44! You heard it here 1,002,022th. #justsayin #SuperBowl

    baratunde game over #superbowl

    alanrsmith I am NEVER eating Doritos again… I am not equipped to defend myself against nacho cheese samurai #SuperBowl #Doritos #brandbow

    baratunde Doritos. dangerous drug. dangerous weapon. put them on Do Not Fly list #brandbowl

    alanrsmith Announcers: “it’s not over yet”… Maybe they are watching the puppy bowl, because they surely can’t be talking about #SuperBowl

    baratunde The Denny’s screaming chicken commercials must be very disturbing to vegetarians. And chickens. #superbowl #brandbowl

    maddow who!! who!!

    thesuperficial GAME OVER! Suck it, Peyton Manning! #sb44

    rainnwilson A sincere congratulations to the great city of New Orleans - the better team (and better coached team) WON!

    brianstreetteam Saints. FTW mutha fuckers!!! Line up them shots!!!!

    baratunde Saints Win!! 31-17. We should all show our tits. #WhoDat #Superbowl #GimmeSomeBeads

    rainnwilson RT @ArcadeFireTube All proceeds from the use of Arcade Fire’s Wake Up on #SB44 will go directly to @PIH_org's Haiti relief (via @PIH_org)

    baratunde Biggest #Superbowl & #Brandbowl lesson: the greatest threat to america is a woman with a Dorito

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    Love My Family

    Saturday and Sunday was the happiest I have been and the best time We have spent as family for two consecutive days, in a long time! To think I expected this month to be some of the most painful days but maybe that’s also an attributing factor to the awesomeness of this weekend?

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    The Smiths aren’t avid sports fans to any degree. So when Patience’s school had “sports jersey” day at school in honor of the superbowl she had to borrow her Aunts. This was shot while we were enjoying one of our favorite games, Mario Kart for the Wii!

    The Smiths aren’t avid sports fans to any degree. So when Patience’s school had “sports jersey” day at school in honor of the superbowl she had to borrow her Aunts. This was shot while we were enjoying one of our favorite games, Mario Kart for the Wii!

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    Comfortably Numb.

    The title may be a trite phrase but it’s descriptive qualities are momentarily unmatched.

    I’m vulnerable, consequently I’ve allowed almost everyone to hurt me

    TMBG has taught me many lessons: how to recite the alphabet backwards, that Istanbul was previously referred to as Constantinople, or that the birdhouse in my soul is a night light…

    This being the most relative: There’s only one everything.

    Therefore: There’s only one everyone. Also stands true?

    I feel more at peace with myself knowing that merely one everyone has been trudging through my heart rather then many someones.

    Coping mechanisms are all about perspective!

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    Blizzard of 2010 maybe?

yes, because I just love seeing the word “PARALYZING” swept across the entire area. fantastic.

    Blizzard of 2010 maybe?


    yes, because I just love seeing the word “PARALYZING” swept across the entire area. fantastic.

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    I need a theme?

    Rather then a hodge-podge of thoughts. Even though chaos is the only function of my brain!

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    It’s official, I need my own personal external harddrive just to back up a decade’s worth of photos! Hopefully then I will be able to download podcasts to my laptop. Possibly even sync them to my phone and be able to listen to them. I have a love/hate relationship with technology! I won’t even address how far behind I am in uploading/printing photos or burning DVD’s, cause putting them in numbers makes me stress!

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    I have no idea what I’m doing.

    Newness is intimidating!

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