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    Monday’s Physical

    Patient: 27 year old mother of two (overweight, though the scale read 10lbs less then it should had)

    Healthy: heart/blood pressure, lungs, brain and other internal organs (upon initial inspection) No immediate concerns.


    1. Sore throat/swollen glands (again!)
    2. Digestive issues- 1st step = blood tests (celiac and food allergies)
    3. Painful varicose veins behind knee joint, removal should be put off to avoiding future complications.
    4. Irregular periods and lower right abdominal pain (discuss with OBGYN ASAP)
    5. Didn’t even address carpal tunnel/wrist pain

    Conclusion: I’m falling apart

    Perk: Renewed xanax rx

Late 20's. Married. SAHM. Liberal. Activist. Humanitarian. Environmentalist. Aspiring Photographer. Bipolar. Opinionated. Open-minded.
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